Duvet Cover Dimensions

It is quite common for people to purchase different bedding linen only to find that it does not quite fit on their beds. In the case where it is too small; the obvious discomfort and untidy look will definitely not be appreciated. If it is too big it also doesn’t look nice and picks up dirt easily from the floor. You can use the Duvet cover dimensions provided here as a guideline for buying your linen.

The sizes for covers do vary slightly between different manufactures; usually the difference is not more than +/- 2″. To appreciate Duvet cover dimensions you need to know the different kinds of mattresses that these covers go on. The Twin size duvet cover; measures 64 inches x 87 inches and can be used on a Twin or Twin XL bed. The Twin XL is not so common and is usually found in college dorms, and is only slightly longer than the Twin.

Moving on with the Duvet cover dimensions we have the Full and the Queen sizes which most people tend to think are the same because of the way they are usually advertised, ‘full/queen.’ The Full measures 76 inches x 86 inches and the queen measures 86 inches x 90 inches. However manufactures normally make an 88 inches x 88 inches cover that can be used on either of the two. You can check out some of these covers from bedbathandbeyond.com.

After the Full and Queen Mattresses you have the King and Cal King, the cover for these measures; 102 inches by 90 inches. Like I said the sizes will vary between different manufactures but only slightly. You can however use these as guideline.

Duvet cover dimensions are normally included in the product descriptions whether you are buying online or in the store. So you can always double check the actual dimensions of the actual duvet cover that you are buying. Check out lnt.com for some that you can use to decorate your bedroom with.

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