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When shopping for bedding linen and accessories there are a number of terms that tend to confuse people as to what they are buying exactly. The confusion that exists as to the difference between a comforter, quilt and duvet is one that has left many people looking for duvet cover definitions. To be able to define a duvet cover we must first understand these other items first.

When the terms comforter, quilt and duvet came into existence they did at that time refer to different things. Over the years however these terms can be used interchangeably to refer to the same thing. In seeking duvet cover definitions let us start by looking at the terms quilt and comforter. Depending on where you live, a quilt and comforter is the same thing.

Quilt is the American name for what the rest of the world refers to as a comforter. You can check some out at bedbathandbeyond.com.  By definition a quilt is thick covering for bed made of layers of cloth filled with soft material. You are probably wondering how that is any different from a duvet. By definition a duvet is a large cloth bag filled with feathers, etc used on a bed instead of a top sheet and blankets.

Ultimately since a comforter and a duvet are coverings that go on top of a bed they have come to refer to one and the same thing. One of the duvet cover definitions therefore is; “A giant pillow case like cover that enclose a duvet.” If you think about the ease of washing a cover as compared to an actual duvet you will understand how duvet covers came into being.

Modern duvet cover definitions do not just define it as a protective item; they also define it as a decorative item. This is because this is one of the ways you can change and also improve the way your bedroom looks. You can check out some that you can consider for your bedroom at bloomingdales.com.

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