Donna Karan Duvet Cover

The bedding linen and accessories by DKNY is among some of the most popular. Looking at some of the items in the various collections one can easily see why. If you want a Donna Karan duvet cover that will change the way your bedroom looks then you are in the right place. There are various covers and sets under this name that you will find here. I am sure that you should find something that you can throw onto your bed easily.

One Donna Karan duvet cover that you can look up is the DKNY Oasis duvet cover. This is a beautiful cover with a detailed floral pattern on a carbon black background. The floral motif is a combination of various subtle yet appealing colors giving this cover an attractive look, the kind of look that will improve the looks of any bedroom. You can pick up this cover from

It is available in the full/queen and king sizes. The full/queen is going for about $190.00 and the king is $10 +/- more than this. Most of the covers are subject to availability and this Donna Karan duvet cover might not always be in stock. Since this is just one of the many covers that you can find here, this is not a problem.

You can check out the rest of the DKNY covers that are here and I am sure you will find more than one that you like. These covers are always part of a collection, which is what makes them a great way to decorate your bedroom. You can always pick up a Donna Karan duvet cover; complete with matching and coordinating accessories for the perfect look.

I strongly recommend getting pillow shams, euro shams, toss pillows and neck-roll pillows. These items will turn your bedroom into a place that you look forward to going home to everyday. You can also get these covers from

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