Difference Between Duvet and Duvet Cover

There are some people who find it hard to tell the difference between duvet and duvet cover. The distinction between the two is actually self-contained in the names. For clarity however we will look at the two products in greater and detail. I will also provide you with some places from where you can pick up some great quality pieces if you are interested in buying them.

What is a duvet? A duvet by definition is a large cloth bag filled with soft feathers, etc which is placed on a bed in place of the top sheet and blankets. Of course nowadays duvets are not necessarily filled with feathers. There can be filled with any suitable soft material that is able to keep you warm. If you want to understand the difference between duvet and duvet cover, try and imagine how difficult washing and looking after an item like this is.

One place where you can get to see and of course get some duvets and covers is bedbathandbeyond.com. A duvet cover can be imagined to be a large pillow case that encloses the duvet for protection. It protects the duvet from getting dirty and of course eventual wear and tear. With a cover in place rather than wash the duvet you simply remove the cover and wash that instead. That is the simplest difference between duvet and duvet cover.

Over the years the use of covers is now more than just protecting duvets. There are now the ultimate décor items for your bedroom. They offer you an easy and inexpensive way to alter the way your room looks just by throwing on a different cover on the same duvet.

Now that you understand the difference between duvet and duvet cover you can get some for your bedroom. Remember I said this is one way you can give your bedroom the look you want. You can get these items together with things like matching sheets, pillow cases, bed skirts, etc just to get the perfect look in your bedroom. Also check out specialitylinens.com  for some attractive pieces.

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