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If you are tired of regular patterned covers and want something different, you can always design your own duvet cover. There are many ways in which you can do this. The simplest way of course is to have your own pattern, design or print that you email to us and then we will create the cover for you. The other alternative that you have is to make alterations to already existing patterns. Let us look at this in more detail.

As I have pointed out if you already have your own design and pattern that you want on a cover then it just a matter of emailing it to us. You can go to  and you will find an order form there. If you are going to design your own duvet cover there are some things you should have decided on by the time you place your order.

The first is whether you want your design to central, to cover only a portion of the cover or to be repeated all over the cover. Another thing that a lot of people usually have a problem with is size. Even if you know your bed to be a queen size just take the time to get the actual dimensions of the bed. This way you will not have a cover that you will be unhappy about.

If you want to design your own duvet cover the other option is to make alterations to an already existing motif. You can look up some designs and patterns that are here and see how you can make some interesting changes to create the look that you want for your room. In fact there are so many ideas that you can play around with.

You could also consider combining a number of patterns and designs as well. You can check out  for more ideas on how you can design your own duvet cover. This is one of the best ways of reflecting your personal style in the décor that you use in your bedroom.

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