Definition of Duvet Covers

What is the definition of duvet covers? The simple definition would be any giant pillowcase like covering that is used to cover a comforter or duvet. The broader definition would of course look at other aspects of these items like function, quality, durability and so on. The idea of covers came about because the duvets or comforters themselves were difficult to maintain and take care off. They would wear out and it was costly to get a replacement comforter or duvet.

So the cheaper alternative was to have covers around these items which would protect them from dirt and indirectly wear and tear. The reason I say indirectly is because it is the cover that gets dirty and the one that needs to be washed and looked after. Over the years the definition of duvet covers has come to include their decorative qualities as well. You can go to  and check out some examples.

So in addition to providing protection they are now a great way of improving the way your room looks. Rather than have to purchase several comforters, all you have to do now is purchase several covers. This way, whenever you want to rotate the appearance of your room you just throw on a different cover.

There are also many other things to consider when looking at the definition of duvet covers. There are things like thread count, which determines how fine and soft a cover is. The higher the threads count then the finer and the softer of course. At the same time there are a number of possible fabrics for the manufacture of these items.

The most common fabrics however are cotton, polyester, and silk or a combination of them. Each of these materials has distinct qualities that make it different from the others. These differences ultimately contribute to the final appearance of the cover. You can also check  for some practical examples and definition of duvet covers.

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