Definition of Duvet Cover

Quite a lot of people wonder what the definition of duvet cover is. The reason can be traced back to the confusion that exists between some bedding linen terms. For many years we have heard the terms duvet, comforter and quilt used interchangeably and wonder if there is any difference. If you look at the definitions of these items then there is no difference even though it might exist. Let us look at this in more detail.

We will start by looking at the terms comforter and quilt. The difference between these two is about as much difference as there is between a cell phone and a mobile phone; it is just a matter of terms. When it comes to the actual description; it is a thick covering for a bed made from layers of cloth filled with a soft material. In this case the definition of duvet cover is a giant pillow case for this covering. You can pick up some great looking covers from

Before we get concentrating on the cover itself we need to get the actual designation of what a duvet is. It is described as a large cloth bag filled with soft feathers, etc used on a bed instead of a top sheet and blankets. In this case again the definition of duvet cover is the case that encloses this item. So from the actual definitions of a comforter and a duvet one can conclude that they are also basically the same thing.

Whether you use it on a comforter or a duvet it really doesn’t matter. What is important is the function of these items. The obvious one is that they are meant to protect the quilts from getting dirty and they are easier to take care of as well.

The second function is one that is now incorporated into the modern definition of duvet cover. It is a decorative cover that is meant to protect a down comforter from dirt, wear and tear. You can also pick up some attractive items from

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