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There are many ways to define duvet cover. In fact there are quite a number of terms that a lot of people find confusing or unsure of their meanings when it comes to bedding linen. You come across the terms quilt, comforter and duvet very often and you wonder what the difference is, are they not all the same thing? Read on and find out more.

In seeking ways to define duvet cover we must first understand these other linen items first. We will start by looking at a thick covering for a bed made of layers of cloth and filled with soft material. If you are in America you will normally refer to this as a quilt and the rest of the world refers to this as a comforter. So a comforter and a quilt are one and the same thing. If you want to some example of what comforters and quilts are you can go to  and check them out.

We will move on the duvet. A duvet is a large cloth bag filled with soft feathers or any other soft material that is used on a bed instead of a top sheet and blankets. It would sound like there is very little difference in all these items from the definitions. Over the years these items have been fused to mean a single product even though they are different.

Now to define duvet cover, it is a giant pillowcase like covering that is used to cover the duvet or comforter. It serves two functions; one is to protect the duvet from dirt and wear. This is because the covers are so much easier to care for and maintain in terms of washing. The second function is that they serve as decorative items.

You can not define duvet cover without practical examples. You will be able to see practical examples of these items from and you can also check out the ones that are available at

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