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If you are looking for some custom bedding linen and accessories you are in the right place. When it comes to a custom duvet cover there are quite a number of options that you have. The first one is that you choose from a cover from an already existing collection. The second option that you have is to make alterations to an existing design or pattern. The third option is of course to upload your preferred or desired pattern to us and we will create the cover for you.

The first option that we will look at is picking out a custom duvet cover from an existing collection. You can go to home-decorating-com  and check out the collection of covers that is here. You will find them all from designers like Croscill, Laura Ashley, and Waverly amongst others. There are some truly stunning and beautiful pieces that you can pick up from here.

You can look up the Marcovaldo Bedding by Austin Horn Bedding; this is for those that want a refined and cultured look in their room. You can get something that is brighter and with more character, by picking up the; Mary’s Garden Floral Bedding Traditions by Pamela Kline. Just go through the catalog that’s here and pick one custom duvet cover that you like.

The other option like I said is to alter an existing design or pattern or simply upload your preferred design. If you this is the kind of cover that you want to create you can go to If you want something that will reflect exactly what you want this is the best place to do it from.

Attention to detail is the motto and you can always preview your custom duvet cover before it is actually made. Once you have decided on what you want you will find a set of easy to follow instructions on how to go about ordering your cover from here.

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