Crewel Duvet Cover

If you are looking for an attractive crewel duvet cover that you can throw on your bed then you are in the right place. You can now decorate your bedroom with exactly the kind of look that you want through the use of these items. In addition to all this they provide a simple way to bring about a change to the way your bedroom looks without having to buy a new duvet or comforter.

One crewel duvet cover that you can look up is the Crewel Bedding Duvet Cover Lotus Natural Brown Linen. Perhaps the long name of this cover has much to do with the way it looks. It is beautiful curtain that radiates a lot of feeling about it. It has a design that is inspired by the Lotus flowers found in the lakes of Kashmir and is quite alluring. Without being really able to say why you will find that this cover greatly appeals to your aesthetic senses.

The complexity of the embroidery and the colors that are used on it reflect the merging of Western and Eastern traditions and tastes. If you are someone that prefers the cultured and refined look of the conventional covers then this one is for you. You can pick this one up at This crewel duvet cover is available in the Twin, Queen and King sizes.

The delicate workmanship and care that goes into the making of these covers is reflected in their price. The Twin size is going for about $495.00, the Queen is going for about $525.00 and the King is going for about $555.00. You can get matching items like pillow cases shams and pillows to complete the look.

You can also look up other covers that are here as well. If this is not what you are looking for then you can browse through the rest of the items that are here as well. Alternatively you can also pick up a crewel duvet cover from

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