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If you are looking for some beautiful and attractive college duvet covers then you are in the right place. You can carry your personal style and taste with you and reflect it through your bedding linen and accessories. For most people buying a cover for their college bedding is not that big a deal and they will pretty much go for anything. You on the other hand have more sense and must pick something stylish and decorative.

Take for example the College Dorm Cover Set- Earth Tie-Dye- Twin XL size. This is a beautiful cover with an intriguing spiral pattern. It will add just the right amount of color without being too bright. The spiral pattern is both captivating and charming at the same time. You will be receiving compliments on the good looks of this cover each time someone sees it for the first time. You can pick this piece up from

When it comes to college duvet covers durability is something that you should be concerned about. Fortunately this cover is made from 100% refined cotton and is very durable. With a thread count of 400 as well it is remarkably soft. So you get to enjoy the comfort and softness of a cover that you know will last you your entire college years.

The fabric is treated with fade resistant dyes so the cover will maintain its color through repeated washing. Another thing that you can expect is that your cover will become softer and softer as you wash it but it won’t tear, isn’t that how college duvet covers should be. It measures 58″ x 80″ so you can check whether it’s the right size for your bed.

You can also pick some great styled college duvet covers from  You will be able to get a number of bedding linen and accessories for your dorm here. Most of cover are attractive and will look great in any kind of room.

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