Chenille Duvet Covers

Chenille is one of those names that are associated with quality and elegance. The Chenille duvet covers are no exception to this. They all live up to the long established comfort and luxury that you have to come to know and expect from this collection. From the vast selection of options that you have a few are mentioned here and they just might be what you are looking for.

From the collection of Chenille duvet covers the first one that you can look up is the Ridgewood Brown and Gray Striped Full Queen duvet cover set. This cover depicts a normal striped pattern that has been altered to give it a modern and stylish look. It is contemporary linear stripe jacquard in dark chocolate with a rich chenille texture. You can pick up this piece from

This is a cover that you can throw into any room and it will still look great. Put it in a room with dark colors it will blend in effortlessly. In a room with bright colors it will create a lovely contrast. The cover has been meticulously crafted and tailored to give it a refined and sophisticated look. Like most Chenille duvet covers it comes with matching coordinating accessories.

You can also pick up coordinating pillows and pillow shams, matching bed skirts and sheets. In fact you can get other items for the room in various shades of brown. You can get beige or tan curtains, floor rugs just to give the colors the right balance. The cover is also available in other sizes with the price ranging from $165.00 to $290.00 depending on the size.

There are other Chenille duvet covers that you can look up here besides this one. If this is not what you are looking for then you can check out the rest of the catalog. Alternatively you can find the same collection of covers from

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