Butterfly Duvet Covers

If you are looking for some intriguing butterfly duvet covers then you are in the right place. If you want to create a tranquil atmosphere in your room, these covers will do just that for you. You can get covers with butterfly batiks or butterfly imprints. Personally I prefer the batiks; they look far more artistic and give character to a room. However people have different preferences and tastes so it’s all subjective.

If you are looking for something contemporary you can go to home-decor.hsn.com.  You will find both printed covers and batiks here. You can get the prints in whatever background color of your choice. I like the combination of the butterflies on a blue floral inspired background. This stunning cover made from 100% cotton comes with two matching pillow shams and is reversible. Just look up the Carleton Varney Mariposa Lace Duvet Set

So if you turn the cover over there is a different garden inspired butterfly design. There are other butterfly duvet covers that are here as well. So if this particular cover is not your style then there is a whole range that you can surf through. The price of these covers is about $80.00 +/-. Taking into account how immaculate these covers look, this is a good buy.

Like I said when it comes to butterfly duvet covers the choice of design and pattern is all up to personal preference. If you have the time you can go to amazon.com  and check out the range of covers that is here. Don’t let the number of covers and the various prices confuse you.

Generally anything that has a thread count of about 310 is good. If you can get butterfly duvet covers that are woven from Egyptian cotton then that’s even better. The butterfly prints will look good on other fabrics as well but they are not as durable.

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