Blue Duvet Cover Queen

When it comes to choosing the colors for our bedding linen and accessories a lot of us usually know what we are looking for. If you are looking for an attractive and stylish blue duvet cover queen size then you are in the right place. In addition to the color you also have a choice on the fabric that you can have your cover in. The available fabrics are cotton, polyester, rayon, silk and rayon which all give the covers different qualities.

By far the most common fabric is of course cotton. There are also various types of cotton as well. If you want a modern and cultured look in your bedroom you can consider the Harbor House Westport Full/Queen duvet cover mini set. This is a beach theme cover that will bring a refreshing look to the way your room looks. It is a flawless cover that is both appealing and has a lot of charm to it. You can check this blue duvet cover queen size at

The design features a large vertical stripe pattern that merges with sky blue, dark blue and beige accents. The result is a finish that I’m sure you will like. It is a Full Queen size cover made from 100% dyed cotton. If you want to confirm the measurements it measures 92″ x 96″. With a thread count of 250 it is appreciably soft. It comes with two matching pillow shams but they are sold separately. This blue duvet cover queen size is going for about $100.00.

You do not need to have a theme going to pick this cover. This is the kind of cover that will look great no matter which room you put it in. There are numerous other covers that you can look up here. If this cover is not your kind of style then you can browse through the other options. Another place where you can pick up a stylish looking blue duvet cover queen size is

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