Barbara Barry Duvet Covers

If you are looking for Barbara Barry duvet covers then you are in the right place. When it comes to bedding linen and accessories some of us do have brand names and designs that we prefer. Perhaps you saw this cover at a friend’s place and you fell in love with it. Or this might just be your preferred line of linen. Whatever the case let us look at few trendy and fashionable ones.

From the range of Barbara Barry duvet covers you can look up the Barbara Barry “Poetical” Bedding Collection. The subtle grey provides the undertone for this beautiful cover whilst the decorative vine work in white makes it stylish and unique. This cover will give your room a refreshingly contemporary look that’s a joy to relax in. If you go to  you will be able to get this cover.

It comes with a bed skirt, coverlet, sheeting, European sham and decorative pillows. The items are however sold separately from the cover itself. The cover is going about $312.00. The rest of the items go up to a total of about $500.00. Whilst this may look like a high price, you will hardly get these brilliant Barbara Barry duvet covers for less than this.

You can also surf through the list of other covers that are here as well. It is always good to compare the various products, even within a single collection against each other. There are places where you can get these covers at discounted prices. By discounted prices I mean going for as little as $240.00.

You can look up the selection of Barbara Barry duvet covers that is available at  One cover that I principally like is the Barbara Barry Dream Peaceful Petals Duvet Cover. You can look this one up as well. If it is not to your liking there are still others to pick from here.

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