Bamboo Duvet Covers

I am sure that you have heard about how great bamboo duvet covers are. Having used the covers myself I would say that yes, they are that good.

These covers will provide you with comfort plus a good night’s sleep. They are breathable and they come with a number of co-coordinating accessories that are just as good as the covers themselves.

The covers are particularly known for their ability to absorb moisture. This is good news for those of us that sweat a lot at night. Besides all these features that the covers are said to have, they do look cozy and will definitely enhance the appearance of any room. Especially if you get them with the matching sheets and pillow shams your bamboo duvet covers will give your room the perfect look.

One great looking cover that you can look up is the Calvin Klein Home “Bamboo Flowers” Cover. It consists of subtle Asian inspired florals and shades of aqua blue making it looking quite stunning and elegant. Despite having a thread count of 220, the bamboo duvet covers are ultra soft. If you have tried the sheets and covers before I’m sure this is something you already know. If you haven’t you can look up this cover at

The covers are available in a number of natural earth colors. You can order them in rain blue, green tea, chocolate brown, sienna and other natural colors. The covers are also available in all the standard sizes, that is Full/Queen size and King size. You can expect the price range of these covers to be around $200.00+/-.

Another place where you can get some similarly immaculately styled bamboo duvet covers is  Just browse through the list of covers that is here and I am sure that you will be able to find something that you like here.

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