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Asian style duvet covers are great idea to incorporate into the interior décor of your bedroom. Due to the diverseness of the Eastern culture you have quite a wide range of options to choose from.

From their traditional imaginative art to their more spiritual creations, their covers make all the difference in a room. Using any of their inspired designs you can create whatever atmosphere you desire in a room.

I will highlight some Asian style duvet covers that you can look up. I will also mention one or two places where you are likely to find these covers and then you can check them out and make your purchase arrangements. Even if you want to browse and compare different covers you will still be able to use the same places for this purpose. You can go to bedding.ecrater.com  to view various oriental styled covers.

One product that you can expect to find here is the Chinese style cotton cover. It is a queen cover that comes with a matching sheet and two standard pillow cases. The cover is 200 x 230 (cm), the sheet 250 x 250 (cm) and the pillow cases are 75 x 45 (cm) in dimension. It is made from 100% cotton with a thread count of 800. The dyes that are used on Asian style duvet covers are treated dyes. The color will run on the first wash on but not after that. This cover costs about $70.00

You can also go to www.tribalmonsoon.com for a wide variety of these covers. Here you will find a variety of trendy handmade covers by Asian artisans. You can opt for the discount bedding that is being offered on clearance or the more luxurious collection of covers. Whether you want distinct art or traditional embroidery you will find it here.

Another great place to shop for Asian style duvet covers is beddingsuperstore.com.  With over 900 patterns to select from, you will definitely find something that you like here. Look these places up and get shopping.

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