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When it comes to shopping for bedding and accessories for your house it is always good to know what you are looking for. If you are looking for an Andrea Satin duvet cover then do read on and find out more.

There are a number of covers that are offered under this brand and we will look at some of them in the paragraphs below.

Whilst the name says satin the covers they are not entirely made of satin but a blend of fabrics. In fact it is just two; cotton and satin. You will be able to find an Andrea Satin duvet cover that is made of combed cotton and this gives the bed linen a soft feel, smooth and uniform finish. There are covers that are made of satin-woven cotton. This gives the covers an extra shiny appearance and an even softer feel. You can go to www.kaboodle.com and check some of them out.

You will also find an Andrea Satin duvet cover that is densely woven from find fine yarn. All the covers that are produced under this brand are durable and can be machine washed. You have the option of tumble drying them or drying them the normal way. This is not a problem as the instructions are always provided on the label. You can look these up at ikea.com ; this is one place that stocks a lot of Andréa products.

The general price range for these covers is about $100.00 and varies up or down depending on the quality. The quality as you know depends on the thread count. The higher the thread count the finer the quality of the product and this pushes the price up. If you want to compare prices for the various covers that are available under this brand then you can go to whosellsit.com. You will be able to find an Andrea Satin duvet cover that is to your liking there.

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